Heating engineer carries out boiler service, Birmingham, Solihull

Boiler service and boiler maintenance

Even if you think your boiler is working fine, we strongly recommend a regular annual boiler service.

Why should I have my boiler serviced?

  • To keep you and your family safe – people die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning (the ‘silent killer’) through incorrectly installed and faulty gas appliances, which are never checked.
  • To reduce the risk of costly boiler breakdowns, leaving you with no heating and no hot water.
  • To improve the efficiency of your boiler and reduce your energy bills.
  • To maintain the terms and conditions of your boiler warranty and guarantee.

Servicing and maintaining your boiler

We offer a non-contract, annual boiler service for £85.00 (inclusive of VAT) to carry out a service procedure from an old style boiler to an up-to-date condensing boiler:

  • As part of our service check list, we provide every customer with a black-spot carbon monoxide detector. We also highly recommend the battery audible carbon monoxide detectors which we also offer for purchase.
  • We service and maintain gas boilers in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. Many modern day boilers can be safety checked with an analyzer. This is a device which can determine both the boiler’s efficiency and any potential dangers present.
  • Older conventional boilers, such as back boilers and open flued appliances need to be checked much more thoroughly, stripped down and professionally cleaned.
  • During a routine service, we carry out a gas leakage test of not just the boiler but of the whole gas installation.


Corrosion within central heating systems accounts for 60-70% of boiler breakdowns. Powerflushing is the most effective cleansing method. The concept is simply to remove the debris, limescale and corrosion by connecting a power flush machine via the boiler or radiator pipework.

When combined with a suitable chemical cleanser, a Powerflush normally takes a maximum of 6 hours.

The benefits or our powerflushing service include:

  • As your central system is now clean, you can expect reduced energy bills, due to the boiler heating the system effectively.
  • Our customers have noticed their systems working much more quietly.
  • As there is no more black sediment in the radiators, cold spots are eliminated so that a more consistent heat is provided.
  • Radiators do not require frequent venting. This is normally blamed on hydrogen being present in the radiators.
  • Once the Powerflush is completed we dose the system with an inhibitor which prevents future build-up of corrosion.

If you believe your system would benefit from a Powerflush, we would visit your home and carry out a simple ph test of the water circulating in your central heating system to determine the level of corrosion.

  • Worcester Bosch boilers
  • Vaillant boilers
  • Potterton boilers
  • Ferroli boilers
  • BAXI boilers